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Baby Steps: Barbados’ First Gay Community Poster on Same Sex Abuse

BARBADOS’ FIRST GAY COMMUNITY POSTER on same sex abuse is finally here.

Devoid of acts of violence, which is not initially noticeable according to some health care providers, this is the FIRST positive step in terms of recognition…┬ásurvivors of same sex abuse have some where to turn to.

The research demonstrated that health care providers need to exercise more empathy as well as ensuring that survivors report abuse.

BABY STEPS… It is indeed subtle. Hopefully, the next step would be to build positive dialogue on the issues which can facilitate more projects locally on recognising the gay community. The research was conducted at the St. Philip Clinic.┬áPosters are to be placed in clinics island wide. Do send your questions or comments.

Creative Direction – solo+studio (Shelly Mayers)

Photography – Andrew Hulsmeier

Makeup – Colour Coded

An initiative by UNFPA and the Ministry of Health.

Gay Community - Size 18" x 24"

Women with Children - 18" x 24"

Teenage Boy - 18" x 24"

Fathers and Their Children - 18" x 24". Fathers need more intimate relationships with their children. Tell them what is right and what is wrong.