Monthly Archives: May 2011

Raising Money for a Degree Show

Textile Students at ‘Duncan’ (DJCAD), like any other students are in the same situation. In order to have a quality show, they must raise funds if they want to exhibit at New Designers. A combination of entrepreneurial and team spirit allows them to make a whooping £300-400 a day over a 3-4 day period by selling second hand garments which the students themselves donate to make this event happen. It’s a charming little affair of strung up lights, upbeat music and tea cakes crammed with other fellow art students looking for bargains and of course to diversify their ‘artsy’ wardrobe.

It would be fantastic if this model could work in Barbados at BCC. Barbadians are not accommodating when it comes to second hand garments. The significance of second hand garments means one may be begging or have nothing and most people would tell you they have donated clothing to the salvation army and natural disasters. Mind you, the Salvation Army no longer accepts clothes because they have too many. Our history as a former nation of slavery means taking second hand items means ‘you have nothing’. Our pride gets in the way of seeing the usefulness of purchasing second hand items of this nature. Furniture auctions are rather popular. What is the difference between buying a used garment and stealing your sister’s dress from her closet? I need to expand more on the nitty gritty.  I will continue this later…