Encouraging Braille

A blind child learning to read braille

Bruno’s lecture on exploring how Braille can be developed is interesting. I was more intrigued with his statement on how research has shown that Braille helps the mental development of a blind child. As much as Braille is considered old fashioned, it is clearly still relevant. Apart from exploring how Braille can be developed in all aspects of daily life, Bruno may also wish to consider work on a… yes… very graphic oriented thing… promotion or a campaign that disseminates awareness on the positive affect braille has on a child’s development or any other misconceptions. On the flip side his concept of Braille embedded in fruit (which by the way is a great idea), I was picturing a blind person equipped with some kind of sensor that alerts them what street they are on. Perhaps billboards or posters embedded with similar transmitters with up and coming events, which may alert blind people that perhaps there is a play or a sale in a store. This I believe  would make the experience of walking down the street that more heightened as well as a greater sense of well being.

Alphabet Braille


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