I Confess: I Love Snooping!

One area of Maria's bedroom


I have snooped on some photos and changed the name for privacy reasons. Some photographs have also been omitted.

On first viewing Maria’s bedroom the immediate impression is one of disorganization and creativity. Maria is a busy girl with no time for clearing up. Her trash bin is piled high and they are a few objects left on the floor towards the centre of the room. The objects are in clear view to be picked up but they are left there until there is time to take care of it. There are other more important things to do than being a neat freak. Decorative old-fashioned teacups (which may have been used), are left on the table with a note neatly propped up carefully. The vanity table is the least cluttered area in the room, so this note is of particular importance; one she cannot ignore. In addition, she has a picture placed on the right hand side stuck to the mirror. This is someone that Maria wishes to remember each day when she gets ready to face the world.

On top of her chest of drawers is a wood finished gramophone. Apart from a hammer and a red telephone, no objects have been placed on top of the radio. Antiques intrinsically are valuable, and it seems special care was taken not to place any items on it. Could it be that this was a gift from someone special in Maria’s life? Or something Maria earned and has come to appreciate? As mentioned previously a red telephone sits next to it and as we move to the right of that, there are ‘45s’ and 12” records on the floor propped up neatly. One 12” record can be seen clearly from ‘The Kinks’. These elements i.e. the red telephone, obsolete records tell us that Maria is quirky and eclectic.

Between her chest of drawers and workstation there are a series of unframed photographs and illustrations arranged in a careful asymmetrical composition. It is obvious she has some creative flair. The photographs mainly appear to be of friends, places of interest and illustrations of women. The overall display projects that Maria has not only placed the photos there for posterity, but for whoever comes to visit to communicate to us that she has an active social life. On further viewing, the majority of photos and illustrations are of girls and women. It is evident that Maria celebrates femininity, which is seen in the illustrations, girls posing and looking joyous in unison. Insignia has also been placed on the wall between the other images. It is either her favorite football or rugby club demonstrating her allegiance to a group. The name ‘Maria’ is nestled between the photographs. Although its projection is not loud it is there as self-affirmation and to the world.

Maria's work station

Maria’s workstation is object overload! A brocade vanity case, (which probably contains no beauty and grooming items), a sewing machine, paintbrushes, bits and bobs stored in jars and bags and other art paraphernalia. Her chair is pushed firmly towards the desk. This could mean one of two things. When work is done, it’s done! On the flip side this may suggest that Maria no longer works at this station and the top of her desk serves only as a storage unit, and for anything else she has hurriedly brought into the room.

The photographs Maria submitted made it a bit difficult to interpret some information as a few were rather blurry. I suspect this occurred because she was in her routine rush to have them ready for this deadline.

Maria in a Nutshell –

Eclectic | Girly | On the Go | Social | Loyal | Happy.


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