Key Notes on Exploring who is the Post-Consumer.

The Post –Consumer is a minority group, but an increasingly powerful minority. We may ALL wish to consider the following and feel free to add to this kick off list.

  1. The key is to develop a campaign that does not promote a hard sell/pitch. This kind of consumer will be acutely aware of the hard sell.
  2. Do not encroach too much on public space and individual space. ‘Noise’ is everywhere. We should take the opposite approach. A peaceful/low key method will make them sit up, look and listen.
  3. Humanize the design through type, materials and graphics. Elicit familiarity. Do not confuse familiarity with nostalgia; although it is part of it.
  4. Establish an emotional connection. It is not just about the product, it’s he overall experience, whether it is a warm feeling, community spiritedness, nostalgia.
  5. Although the branding should not be intrusive, (don’t even use the word!), the brand essence must be clear. What is the soul of the company?
  6. The product or service that we decide to develop for the post consumer should connect with other ‘reputable’ as well as relevant companies. Commons interests should bind us. A good example is the café brand Starbucks which collaborated with Borders bookstore, buy your book or browse and sit and have a coffee at your leisure.
  7. Although it is not a new concept we may consider omitting the product as part of the image development.

Should we attempt to explore an under appreciated natural resource that improves their lifestyle in some way or should we work with an existing eco-friendly object and improve on this?

Mood Board Depicting the AGE of the Post-Consumerist. (25- 40) This group strives for balance between consuming products/services and the repercussions that may occur from a global perspective, whether it may be socially, economically driven or harmful to the environment.


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