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Learning Style Test – Reflector it is!

Hi everyone,

I took the Learning Style Test and it has demonstrated that I am a Reflector. I also scored highly with identical marks as a theorist and activist, which I did not really consider myself to be, and the weakest link as not being a Pragmatist. I do agree with the outcome but was curious about the Pragmatist aspect as most creative persons appear to be impractical by nature. We are encouraged to ‘think big’ before (and devastatingly so), being returned to earth of which you will find it hard to come to terms with letting go of that ‘big idea’. The next statement is not meant to be offensive… In my mind ‘distractions’ such as the demands from mainstream society and clients forces the designer to become practical whether it may take the shape of a small budget, a client who is just simply conservative or even the nature of the subject. From a creative perspective the pragmatist surfaces when he has been beaten down by a combination of the aforementioned elements. Ultimately, I believe the pragmatic bug occurs when we surrender to the needs of the client.  It would be interesting to see this test performed on Scientists and Historians.

I am drawn to persons who are driven, passionate and have pride in whatever they do. From a practical viewpoint working with new media is my greatest challenge. I am slow with welcoming the latest piece of design or equipment but will eventually rise to the occasion. For example, I have FINALLY set up a blog which was overdue two years ago!


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